(Chester, Cheshire)


Organic Vegetable Stocks and Ketchups


The name 9 Meals From Anarchy was coined from a phrase by an American investigative journalist, who said that no matter how civilised, society was never more than three days, or nine meals, away from anarchy. This prompted founders Tom Whitley and Matt WHAT to question the origins of their food and they began growing their own organic produce in an allotment near Altrincham in Cheshire, delivering it to local customers and restaurants. They were able to produce copious amounts of fresh, organic veg, but found it challenging to pace the produce across the growing season. When a customer asked them what was in vegetable stock, Tom and Matt realised they did not know the answer, so they resolved to find out. Once they had, they began to produce their own using their fresh organic vegetables, which also solved the problem of what to do with any surplus stock.

9 Meals From Anarchy vegetable stock is made from a variety of organic vegetables, concentrated down into a stock which contains ten times more vegetables than other brands; the products contain less than half the salt of conventional stocks, are sugar free, gluten free, palm oil free and suitable for vegans.

Tom and Matt have since joined forces with TV Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the team at River Cottage to expand the vegetable stock ranges and create an exciting array of organic ketchups which can be used on their own, or to make delicious recipes.