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Organic North; excelling ourselves

Well what a memorable few days it’s been this end!

On Saturday, our Rich drove Josie and Elle down to London to meet me for our first ever trade show event at Natural and Organic Products Europe show ‘24. I don’t really know where to begin with it all but for so many reasons, the visit will live long in all of our memories I’m sure. We had the privilege of meeting up with some of you guys, we explored new suppliers and we were really blown away by the reaction to our presence there. Ours was the smallest stall at the event (it’s a bloody expensive do!) but so many made a point of stopping by and saying how much we were their fave there and how they loved our demeanours and company ethos. Credit to our Ell and Jose for representing us so well over the weekend. Their faces probably both hurt from smiling and laughing so much! : )

We also got the chance to meet some fellow wholesalers too. We met Phil Haughton of Better Food in Bristol, Alex Pearce, the owner and founder of the large London veg wholesaler, Langridge, made a point of coming to see us and last night I had the privilege of sharing a few pints the Better Food Shed crew in Hackney too- a fine group of people who very much share our values and proved to be the finest company- beautiful folk the lot of them.

I’ve felt like I’ve been on cloud 9 for a few days. The weather and the company was lovely, I had the enviable position of giving away free food samples and cute wee chimp badges (these proved VERY popular!) to the masses at the show and my most treasured memory will be my visit to the stand of our certifiers, The Soil Association. I got the opportunity to meet their Commercial and Marketing Director, Alex Curran and their Business Development Manager, Alision Muirhead. I’ve briefly met Alison a couple of times over the years but never Alex and the pair of them were so effusively complimentary about the what we’re slowly trying to build up here in Manchester that my feet turned to stone and I started to bloody well up! I’m feeling a bit emotional just typing this out now, though that might have as much to do with the whisky-fuelled 2hour impromptu electric bike ride around East London in the rain at 2am last night. So many foxes here- counted at least 20!

And breeeeaaaathe……

Here’s an article to depress you and hopefully balance out some of my giddiness a bit…
Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in fruit and vegetables in UK (

Fruit & veg headlines:

  • Sampson has loads of caulis available again
  • Foskett have some radish available for us this week and Bedlam have another variety of asparagus available too.
  • Haslum have their first aubergines of the year available to us. There’s a fair amount for the week but far from unlimited so you might not be able to secure big numbers on these as they will be popular to everyone.
  • Trinity has some brand new offerings this week including rainbow chard and land cress to pep up your salads and staying on market gardens, Growing Well return this week too with some kale, salad mixes and spinach.
  • The spinach from Terry Simpson this week is limited but next week he’ll be available both days and there will likely be a lot more to go at.
  • From France, Univert have many more lines this week so well worth checking out. These include some great Coeur de boeuf toms and yellow courgettes. The picks from Dynamis this week are round courgettes, tenderstem garlic and dulse seaweed.
  • From Spain, Biovergel have savoy cabbages, Campo have lemons and Hortichuelas have watermelons too! : )
  • Please note that the butter from Acorn this week is all ‘Grass Roots’. As the schools who take a lot of semi skimmed from Acorn have been closed for a week or two, their butter production is temporarily down.
  • Elsewhere we’ve gherkins from Biona, muesli from Pimhill, plum jam from Hembridge and the cool kimchi from Loving Foods.

A big thanks to everyone back at base this week to all who’ve chipped in extra on the weekend and yesterday to cover the lots of pairs of hands we were short. Some monster shifts gone in and as far as I can see, they’ve pulled off a tough shift without any major problems, whilst being very light on the ground. Really proud to work with this team that we are putting together.

I’ll end this week with another big thank you to Jase, Lucy and the team at Spiral Colour in Macclesfield for helping us with our show by printing all of our leaflets and display boards. These guys are the same company that helped us with our warehouse sign back at base in Manchester and they’re a really professional set-up with great prices/service to boot- thanks guys!
Spiral Colour | Home | Expert Printing to Reach Your Goals | Printers Cheshire

Lastly, here’s also a super cute photo below of our Adam (obvs now ‘Dadum’) who last week became a dad for the first time. Adam’s currently off on paternity leave but we are thrilled for him as I’m sure you guys will be and we wish him and his lovely wee family all the very best.

Sean and the ON team x

Dadum & his newly grown family <3

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