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Spring Onions from Simpson

Spring onions from Simpson

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Good afternoon folks,

I’m trying to juggle too many Brexit/Covid/Manchester City Council made crises to have time to write a proper newsletter this week. If I’ve the chance and inclination, I’ll put summat out to everyone later on this week to give some insight into some of the predicaments that we currently find ourselves in. For now though, I’ll concentrate on the list as it’s at least a gooden…

  • We’ve a new supplier on the list this week in the form of East Suffolk Produce. These have our first decent-priced new spuds of the year in the form of maris peer.
  • Nacton also return to the list with some pointed and savoy cabbages for Weds/Thurs customers.
  • Bedlam has added their brilliant tender-stem broccoli, larger green artichokes and the rhubarb returns this week too.
  • Foskett’s have added bunched beetroots to go alongside their bunches of carrots and radish.
  • New Farm have offered us all of the broccoli and cauli they have available just now. Limited but looking grand on the snaps they’ve sent through.
  • Newfields have lots of kohl rabi, spring greens and round cabbage alongside a limited amount of kale, pak choi and lettuce.
  • Strawberry Fields have less chard available this week and we’re without lovage too but from here we do have access to kohl rabi, our first bunched onions of the year, oregano and flat parsley.
  • Our most local farm (Glebelands Growers) have another good crop of their great salad leaves for us alongside, a decent number of spring onions, bunched radish and flat parsley too. The parsley is looking particularly good (pictured above) and they’ve about 10kgs to shift on- you know now what to do.
  • Trinity Farm is back on with fresh garlic (this will be great) and garlic scapes- the latter are the shoots that grow from the bulbs of garlic.
  • Burscough are back on too with unlimited chives, a limited amount of rhubarb chard and curly kale as well as a few bunches of mixed organic flowers.
  • Goodness Growing has listed frissee lettuce.
  • Our new UK mushroom supplier is on again next week with more king oysters. These sold out pretty quickly last week so get your orders in early to try and bag some- they taste fab. If you’re happy with the size of these let us know. If you’re not, let us know too and we’ll amend the calibre if we can.
  • On the import fruit, we’ve still got some apples from the EU but access to them is starting to wane and naturally, you will notice the odd bad apple in a box now too. Southern hemisphere apples in the form of cripps pink begin this week from various suppliers.
  • Lastly on the veg front, from Dynamis we’ve pink tongue aubergines, white onions, 5 new heirloom varieties of toms, seedless grapes, 2 types of basil and fresh almonds.
  • From the bottom of the list we’ve Botton Dairy Gouda and Gresford cheeses returning to the list alongside Ethical Dairy’s ‘Barloco blue’…a stilton-like cheese that is VERY TASTY.
  • Cross Lanes return to the list too with amongst other things, the best brownies in the north!

In a bid to stave off a full breakdown, I’ve booked my first days off in 18 months next week. We’re putting a couple of things in place to give us the best chance of continuing to run smoothly but there are so many variables out of our hands just now, please be understanding if an as yet unknown shite-hawk drops a massive veg-shaped load of the plop on the team in my absence.

I’ll sign off with two things hot off the press from some of our pals in Sheffield:

  1. Firstly, Beanies Wholefoods Coop is looking for a new full time team member. The role is a varied and interesting one and if you think you might know anyone who might be interested in joining their fantastic team then please get in touch and we’ll be able to forward on some more details.
  1. Secondly, you may remember a while back a tune that entertained us from our pals over at Moss Valley market Garden. To jog your memories…Well they’ve been at it again and revenge is being exacted upon their evil overlords…enjoy!

With fine knees but aching backs and minds,

Sean, Cathryn, Mostyn and the team x

Flat Parsley
French Breakfast radish from Fosketts
Beanies is Hiring
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