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Good afternoon folks,

Despite the balmy weather, for Covid pings and various other dramas, our office and warehouse have been hives of activity these past couple of days. To keep the wheels turning, we’ve even got our Mo feverishly slaving away at home whilst he’s isolating…so big kudos to him for that. Without Mo and his tireless work these past 18months or so, we would have definitely have had to shut the place down for a week or two- grafter. Mo’s off travelling after Christmas around South America and as well as replacing him, we could do with a few more able bodies too as some of our Uni student temps will be finishing in September too. So on that note, if you know of any office whizzes, any fit as a butcher’s dog folk who could lift, build pallets and potentially drive for us that are also passionate about good food and changing the world for the better then point them this way as we’re definitely on the lookout  to fill some permanent positions.

As ever, a few updates to plough through before I get onto the juicier news of what’s looking new and tasty in the warehouse just now:

  • We’ll be listing our first UK Blueberries for a couple of years next week. These will come from the first farm to be certified organic to grow blueberries and after trying our samples, we’re very excited for these. Pretty short season on them and the amount isn’t infinite but a fair amount to go at each week for a few weeks we reckon.
  • We’ve a new supplier from Greece this week called ‘Biogros’…translates as organic field. The farm was established in 1990 by an agronomist and farmer called Kostas and these guys have stuffed vine leaves available. Now this is the only food stuff in the world that I’ve never got on with so I can’t put my name to these but I’ve been assured by the folk who wolfed these strange-looking/tasting delicacies down that they are very good.
  • Faitrasa- these guys consider the water use/carbon footprint in avocado production a serious matter. So much so that last year they started a collaboration with the University of Guadalajara to run a year-long study at several of their Mexican avo farms. The aim is to highlight the best practices that can become a guide to all growers in the sector to improve the sustainability of their respective farms. I’ll look to pass on more about this next week.
  • Two farms that we work with (one of which we also supply) have opportunities for growers. The first is a farm in the Wirral with 4 acres of certified organic land and the 2nd is a biodynamic farm over in Nottingham called Trinity Farm. Both are looking for new growers to take on part/all of the running of the farms so if you know any budding growers that might like the opportunity, please get them to get in touch.
  • A warning that Leagam’s cheeses will be going up in price as of August for increased costs of production.
  • Last up, Gilchesters continue to experience staffing issues at their mill. Their crop this year is looking really good but unfortunately Covid is playing havoc with their operations so please bear with us if we run dry of any of their lines. They may even close completely for a week or two shortly for the mental wellbeing of their staff which is totally fair given their circumstances of late. We’ve considered the same- you reckon you guys could live without us for a couple of weeks while we’re all ‘resetting’ *spending a fortnight in the pub?

Fruit & Veg headlines:

  • Fosketts have added bunched purple carrots. Very popular these were last year and despite the temps, the tops so far have been holding up well…certainly better than the beets which seem to turn yellow very quickly from here.
  • Bedlam have added purple artichokes
  • For the latter half of the week, Nacton have lots of leeks and pointed cabbages
  • Pollybell also have pointed cabbage and are also our main source of cauliflowers this week
  • Newfields have added savoy cabbage, red kale (both loose and bagged) and bunched turnips though don’t expect much from the tops in this heat.
  • Royal Oak have added some mixed gem lettuce.
  • Strawberry Fields have added beetroot bunched and have lots of courgettes now too : )
  • On the market garden front, Ward & Thompson have added a few hot wax chillies and little gems, Glebelands have more lettuce (in lined boxes from this week), Burscough has some lovely looking rosa red radish on and Terry Simpson also has a few leeks to supplement what we’re getting from Nacton. Trinity are having a couple of weeks off the garlic until their wet crop fully dries.
  • Some bad news on the mushrooms in that the weather has knackered the production of our domestic Dart Valley oysters for a week. These guys are installing a cooling system that should help prevent this going forward as we speak. We’ve also got next to no chestnut mushrooms next week as the compost supplier of Orchard Organics over in Ireland has sent them some with the wrong spawn in them meaning that it’s mostly whites now for a week or so.
  • From our pals in Spain, ‘Campo’ have dragon fruit (don’t they look amazing!), Haciendas have figs, Tradesana have oranges, Fairtrasa mangoes and Bioalgarrobo have salad toms too.
  • Elsewhere Dynamis has added 7 new herbs, purple peppers, cornichons and Reinne Claude plums.
  • From lower down the list, we’ve readded the ale chutney from Hembridge. We had their plum and brandy jam on toast in the office this morning and lordy lordy it’s good! As for Botton chutneys, these are off this week and when they return they’ll only be selling off old stock before looking to recruit for a new preserver in a few months’ time.

Hope you’re all enjoying your newfound freedoms in this beautiful weather!
Sean, Cathryn, Mo and the team

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit on the plants
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