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“Chestnuuuuuuts roasting on an open fiiiiire”
We’ve got chestnuts and walnuts galore in from Portugal this week, just in time for nutcrackin’ season

Good afternoon, everyone,

The Christmas madness is fast approaching but we’re as prepared as we can be and at the moment the weather forecast doesn’t look too bad either so as of now at least, all is well : )

Before I hand over to Jose for this week’s updates, a quick note about another community share offer that one of our amazing customers/growers is running just now. These guys are based all the way down south in Falmouth, are doing great things and need some support so if at the very least you could share the links below throughout your networks it would be really appreciated. We’ve seen too many growers forced to close their doors over the years and there’s a couple of ours who are in some serious peril now too so the more we can help fantastic enterprises like Soul Farm the better.

Soul Farm — Open Share Offer – a Food and Drink crowdfunding project in Falmouth by (

Community Share Offer — Soul Farm


Veg Updates:

  • The last of the UK red onions (yellows depleted already!) are coming in from Bagthorpe this week and will be very limited in supply.
  • Bedlam Farm have added kalettes in bags to their predominantly squash based list.
  • New stuff from Royal Oak includes blue annalise spuds (yay!), teeny ambo spuds at a bloody good price and baby red sprout stalks.
  • Sampson’s caulis are taking longer to grow than expected due to wet ground conditions, so they’ll likely be in abundance after Christmas now. For now he’s got savoys, leeks and hard cabbages for us. Francis (the main dude there) will be retiring early next year but there’s some ne folk lined up to grow on his land and I’ll give you more on this on another week.
  • On the UK fruit front, not loads of change, but Mole End have got some cabaret apples. These share the same parents as the Stardance variety (a Saturn crossed with a Braeburn).
  • Pointed cabbages are coming in from both Thaymin and Camposeven, and Campo also now have their clemenule clementines – a firm fave.
  • From the Euro wholesalers, Dynamis have added flat beans, mizuna, pak choi, parsley root, Treviso radicchio, pirouette apples, red comice pears amongst some other lovely things. Zann have added chilli peppers and round tomatoes to this week’s offering.
  • Gospa are going to have their bitter Seville oranges for us the week after next, for all the marmalade makers keen to get going on that.
  • Down at the bottom of the list, there’s some Christmas cake, mince pies and treats to go at from The Authentic Bread Company which will be limited.
  • Hembridge also have a new seasonal jam for us to try – pear and cinnamon J which sounds bloody lovely.
  • Shepherd’s Purse dairy in Thirsk, who use Acorn dairy milk, have launched their first organically certified cheese – this is called ‘Yorkshire Blue’. They’ve got some half-moons available to us now, before the rest go on sale after Christmas. These guys are well established with Great Taste awards coming outta their hoo-hars on their fantastic cheese lines – but this is their first foray into organic certification so it’d be great to show that some love.

That’s all for this week but if you’ve any confusion about our Xmas order/delivery schedule then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be able to advise. You can get me directly at

Hope you’ve all located your long johns,

Herbs from Mais this week 
Lemon thyme – can be used to add a delicate citrusy flavour to vinegar, herby butter, sauces, teas or stocks, and even in sweet recipes like shortbread or panna cotta.
Sage – known by the Romans as the ‘Holy herb’ this has long been used medicinally and is known to be an all round super herb, particularly with being an anti-inflammatory. We just know it’s bloody delicious in stuffing, on roasted veg & made into tea. If all else fails, burnt around the room when those unwanted Christmas guests have finally buggered off.

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