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Limequats from Biovergel

Limequats from Biovergel

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Good afternoon, Organic Northerners,

What a truly glorious week weather-wise it’s been. We’ve been enjoying the pretty sunrises/sunsets this end and all the many more too that you’ve all been popping on the socials. Here’s hoping that they are heralding an easier year than we all had last year!

On the list front, it’s pretty similar again to last week with a couple of points of note. Finished this week are the Pollybell leeks (done now until October) but returning to the list is Chapel Organics from Berwick. We use Chapel every year when we start to run dry of more local produce during the hungry gap and they provide a very welcome plug. These are lovely folk to work with and for next week will have netted red cabbages, parsnips (not as thin and stringy as the Stenigot ones) and swedes. Swedes haven’t been available for a good while to Monday Tuesday customers so glad to see these again. We should have more UK greens next week too, all being well we’re hoping.

On the UK apple front, Mole End have added the crimson crisp and natyra varieties. The latter are a crunchy, juicy sweet variety that also happens to be very easily stored so very good at this time of year.

Looking further afield, this is also the last week of our ‘direct’ blood oranges from I Frutti Del Sole. These have been great and we’ll likely go with these every year but they are starting to show too much waste on arrival now so we’re switching back to our more reliable source of bloods via Dynamis. We also still have bitter oranges available at the bargain price of 99p a kg. These won’t be around for long and will likely be our last shipment so if you’re after any of these, this is the time to get hold of them. Other import highlights include Camposeven gem lettuce, Thaymin broccoli, Bioalgarrobo cherry plum loose and kumquats, Biovergel limequats (pictured above), all of the Flor de Donana berries, Dynamis asparagus, mustard leaves and chervil.

Two last things of note, Pextenement have relisted their Pike’s Delight mature cheddar and Botton Village have relisted their crab apple jelly.

Looking forward to next week, we’ve currently got some new Cornish beers being brewed for us : ) We’ll send out a few samples to those of you who sell alcohol next Weds/Mon 15th and we’re planning to list them on Tuesday 16th. They’ll be 3 new beers that are brewed with home-grown hops from the farm near Newquay including a sea-salt stout. Excitingly, we’ll also have access to the spirits that the distillery arm of the brewery produces. So on top of the beers we’re going to have 4 new gins, 2 vodkas, 2 vermouths and 3 liquors. Namely, arancello (this is amazing!) cassis and limoncello. All have been hand-selected from their range after a group taste session a couple of weeks ago in the office.

On that cheery note I’ll bid you all farewell for now,

Have a top week, everyone!

Sean, Cathryn, Mo and the team

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