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An abundance of beautiful UK produce!   Fosketts’ watermelon radishes & sweetcorn  /  Royal Oak’s stripy mixed courgettes  /  Trinity Farm’s crystal lemon cucumbers

Good afternoon Organic Northerners,

Before I fill you in about this week’s additions to the list, I’ve a couple of wee bits of news to pass on. First up, please find below a sustainability report that we received from our supplier Fairtrasa recently. It documents some of the regenerative work that these guys have been doing and covers some of the ways that they are looking to minimise their environmental impact too.

Secondly, two of our current veg box-schemers in the North West are looking to retire in the very near future and have both the equipment that they use as well as their schemes for sale. One is called ‘Nature’s Garden’ who’s based in Ramsbottom and the other’s The Organic Store based in Stockport. These are both decent sized schemes and available for reasonable prices so if these sound like something you might like to know more about, let us know and I’ll put you in touch. The latter has a multitude of equipment for sale too including fridges, freezers, zero waste containers, gravity fed dispensers, scales, office furniture etc as well as some free wooden shelving that cost about 3k to install.

Lots to cover on the veg front this week but I guess the biggest news is the return of our beloved UK apples and onions, the end of the UK blueberries/gap in UK broccoli and the way so many of the growers are struggling in the arid conditions just now.

Veg headlines:

  • Royal Oak have added yellow French beans, cabbice cabbages, their first carrots with tops, courgettes, mini yellow marrows and mixed colour patty pans.
  • Bagthorpe have a gap with their carrots but their onions return – huzzah! : )
  • There’s also a gap somewhat with the broccoli just now with some farms between blocks, others waiting to start and others with spoilt broccoli out in the field for the crazy temps.
  • Newfields have added red cabbage and fennel with tops.
  • Strawberry Fields have added lots of lines this week. These include bunches of mixed beets, cavolo nero little gem lettuce, Turk’s turban squash and flat parsley.
  • Foskett’s have added bi- colour and baby sweetcorn, bunched black radish and onion squash. This will be the last week of the breakfast radish from here.
  • Bedlam has added harlequin squash.
  • From the market gardens, Ashfield return this week with a limited array of crops. They’ve some pointed cabbages, kale and French beans. Trinity have some of our first marrows to list. W&T also have some green chillies and flat parsley available.
  • On the UK fruit front, as mentioned above, we’re starting this week with the UK apple crop. As ever it’s the zingy discovery variety (or discos if you’re in the warehouse) that start us off and we have these available from both Carey in Herefordshire and Oakwood in East Sussex. These are limited in number this week but we’ll get more as the season progresses. Look out for some Bramley’s from Burscough next week too. We’re hearing differing reports on expected yields this year but some have been ‘sun-scarred’ on the trees when the temps went hellish the other week. We’ve more plums available again from Pardoe and Carey- these have been fab so far and we’ve lots of varieties to go at.
  • From Spain Haciendas have got some small boxes of small gala apples, , Cal Valls have pink amposta onions, Camposeven have added their dragon fruits back on and Bioalgarrobo have the loose small mangoes too.
  • From Portugal, Mais have added leeks, reduced the price of their cherry bomb peppers a lot (great these), these will be your go to farm for blueberries this week and excitingly have also added kiwiberries- woop! : )
  • Oh, the tastiest nectarines just now are the yellow (super sweet) followed by the flat. The best carrots this week by a mile were the ones from Farrington’s – we’re yet to taste the RB’s ones that we have listed today but these are specialist carrot growers so I’d imagine they will be grand.
  • On the wholesalers front, Dynamis have added borlotti and coco paimpol beans, blue meat radish, orange peppers, apricots, 4 new grapes including the AMAZING muscats, 4 new varieties of plums and strawberries.
  • From the bottom of the list Morgiel have added a new line in the form of fermented radish with wild garlic and the rye flour returns from Yorkshire Organic Millers too.
  • Lastly, note that we’re expecting some likely delays in shipments of some of our dried goods suppliers so this week you want to be stocking up on Castagno, Aspontis, Arcadia, Nico, Ecoato, Classico, Medsalt and Bioagros as they might not be listed next week.

I’ll leave you this week with a video we shot a couple of weeks ago whilst out in Spain visiting our supplier, Haciendas Bio- enjoy! : )

Can you believe that in a fortnight’s time that we’re gonna have some UK grown watermelons for you to try?!

Mais delivering again with the Portugese goods. Okra and padron peppers – resident chef, Tom, fried the staff up a batch, and they think they’re the best they’ve ever had. It is a game of roulette though **chilli emoji**

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