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Some snaps from Strawberry Fields

Good afternoon, folks

Yesterday the brilliant folk at Strawberry Fields celebrated 47 years of organic growing with the Soil Association- pretty amazing that eh! I’m always banging on about how much we love being able to support our super small-scale growers but without the larger mid-size family farms like Royal Oak (Ormskirk), Newfields (Fadmoor, North Yorkshire) and Pam and the team over in Boston, Lincolnshire we would be lost. Strawberry Fields have been a key grower for us for as long as we can remember and we’re very thankful of the long connection that we enjoy with them. From all of us here, well bloody done guys! 

Above there’s a relatively recent one of Pam, one of their fields of sweetcorn and a recent one of the key members of the team. One member, Georgie is absent for being too boozed up. This is the first booze casualty of the year, which is remarkable as apparently, booze casualties are pretty common amongst agricultural workers. Guess we all need summat to grease the wheels from time to time, eh…*burp! You can follow Pam and the team’s escapades on Twitter via the handle @Organic_pam and at the bottom of this weekly ramble, I’ve also taken the time to compile a list of Instagram handles of some of our growers and suppliers so you can connect to them directly on there : )

UK CHERRIES! Sorry it just came out. I’ll get onto the usual plethora of seasonal additions to the list in a sec but before yeah, our mate, Joe Pardoe (Hereford) was back on the phone last week about his cherries and you’ll see these on the list today. Always impressive are these but they’re much in demand and short in supply so it’ll be strictly small numbers for everyone on them. If you’re a customer that orders twice a week, it’ll probs benefit you ordering these towards the start of the week as we’ll likely only get one delivery of these in next week. We’ve more redcurrants and gooseberries again from Hereford too, our blueberries are about a fortnight away and I remain in discussion with our prospective new berry supplier about potential supply of raspberries and late-season blueberries. Strawberries are now looking difficult this year from the UK but I may contract us up for some to be grown for us next year if I’m still feeling brave by the autumn. 


This week’s additions: 

  • Newfields have come good this week with lots of rainbow chard, spinach and kale : )
  • Foskett’s have added purple and rainbow carrots in bunches and for the latter half of the week they’ve also their green beans too. 
  • New Farm’s new ice machine for the broccoli worked wonders and it looked great yesterday 
  • Pam has listed some cos from the above-mentioned fabulous Strawberry Fields 
  • East Suffolk Produce return to the list with maris peer in place of the Jersey taters
  • Master Farms from Jersey have added their first ever round and cherry toms to us
  • On the market garden front we’ve 4 new lettuces on from Ward & Thompson
  • Growing Well have added some mange tout 
  • Burscough have some kale and cavolo nero for the end of the week
  • Goodness has added fresh garlic, fennel and beets with tops and spring onions
  • Glebelands and Simpson have also added spring onions too- always great both of these
  • From Spain Campo have added dragon fruits, Biovergel have some white-fleshed watermelons and Cal Valls are back in with their early season red onions
  • On the wholesale front Be Org still have UK Natyra apples but expect some waste in these are very late for them now
  • Fairtrasa have added some good kiwis including zespri and gold too. 
  • Zann continue to offer some great value items and that’s not any reflection on the quality either as what’s been coming through has all been great. Bargains this week include aubergines, cucumbers, avocadoes, pears, apples, vine toms and blueberries. The forelle pears are pictured below with their lovely red blush. Invariably a top pear these. 
  • Last but never least on the wholesale front are Dynamis who have most notably added seedless grapes and 5 new varieties of pears and plums. 
  • From the bottom of the list, there are three things to mention this week Firstly, the tayberry and gooseberry jams from Hembridge return. Secondly the Laverstoke prices have gone up to cover some of the spiralling input costs that they have. Lastly, The Lakes eggs are back on the list as our more local suppliers don’t have quite as many as we need just now.

Before I sign off, as promised here’s that mahoosive list of Instagram handles of our growers & suppliers-  took an age to compile so hope at least some of you have fun in connecting up with them : )

Cheers and have a top week,

UK growers:
@jamesfoskettfarms    nikola_tonev_

EU growers:




Pear Forelle from Zann

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