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Cobnuts from Oakwood

Cobnuts from Oakwood

Good afternoon folks,

I’ll be keeping it fairly brief this week as a haulage and staffing crisis convened to create a day from hell yesterday that we’ve still not collectively recovered from. Our Mo has exacted his revenge and retaliated with a week off of his own this week too so rolling back the years, i’ve also been on the old data inputting duties this morning.


Some really interesting additions to the list this week though and also be sure to read at the end a fantastic opportunity we’ve been made aware of for someone local to Manchester just starting out in the food industry. 


Produce news:

·         Royal Oak- these guys have had to cancel and sub a few things this week for things bolting/going over in the field and as such those lines (sweetstem broc, Chinese cabbage) are off the list this week. However, in their place are a multitude of coloured cauliflowers, their first carrots of the year, komatsuna and pak choi. So plenty of new greens to go at there!

·         Much the same, Newfields have lost a couple of lines this week but the similarly have an array of coloured cauliflowers, the first of their own carrots and some leeks now too.

·         New Farm have added the first UK swede of the season

·         Foskett’s have added 4 sizes of butternut squash and 2 varieties of radish including a new one to us, the ‘watermelon radish’- looks amazing, give it a google.

·         Bedlam have added 3 new varieties of squash, namely crown prince (amazing variety this for the uninitiated), onion and sweet lightning…always makes me think of this old rock n roll song does that las one…

·         Haslum are on hols for a week so we’re without them

·         Simpson has added some coriander but it’s the last of his leeks this week.

·         Ward & Thompson have added French breakfast radish and some basil.

·         Glebelands have a little more salad this week and some rainbow chard available too.

·         Goodness Growing have some red kale.

·         Trinity don’t have any cucs available this week and note that their beans are now mixed colour not just green.

·         The south coast apple growers have started way slower than usual but thankfully the west coast growers are not quite as badly affected. So Oakwood have only juice and cobnuts this week (pictured above) and Mole end won’t be on ‘til sometime in November. Carey have Ellison’s orange apples this week though and Pardoe have some scrumptious. Pardoe also have conference pears and Carey has loads of these too.

·         Shrooms are worryingly short from Ireland so you may not get your full allowances this week. Plenty from abroad to make up the shortfall but if the situation persists; we’ll look to line up another grower to supplement the struggling Irish growers.

·         From abroad, we’ve a bit of a gap on our Spanish directs and to be honest, I’m not at this stage completely sure as to why but I’m going to investigate.

Fairtrasa has added pineapples again though and we have more of the French pixie crunch apples from Blue Whale in small 4kg boxes.

·         From Dynamis, there are plenty of new exotics this week including yacon, jujube, lemon caviar, papaya and quince. 


Before I sign off and as promised above, please click this link below to see a fantastic opportunity that has been created by FoodSync for someone with an idea and looking to start out in one way or another in the local food scene.

We’ve been working with these guys a bit of late (you can get a sneak peek of our warehouse and some of us on the vid!) and they are very much a company after our own heart. In short they work to enfranchise folk to better our food system and are as skilled, knowledgeable and as well connected as anyone we’ve been fortunate to meet over the years. The opportunity is a £20k grant to someone local to Manchester who has an idea worthy of support. A fantastic opportunity as I’m sure you’ll agree so if you know anyone who you might think that this would interest, be sure to pass it on.


Right, time for breakfast! : )

Sean, Cathryn and the team

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