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Red Moon Apples

Red Moon Apples from Dynamis – how great do they look?

Good Afternoon Organic Northerners,

No Sean this week – after I took the liberty of a holiday last week he’s taken one himself to spite me. I’m both shocked and appalled. Regardless, you’ll all hopefully agree he’s left the place in capable hands and notice no difference should we be doing our jobs properly…

There’s not much new to say regarding the (generally terrible) state of the world on our end  – we seem to be heading towards a second lockdown and all the awfulness that entails  but as I’m writing this before the new announcements due today I’ve no specifics to go into – that being said we’ve ran largely as normal throughout this whole crisis and we’ll continue to do so. It’s not easy for anyone but people have to eat.

Regarding the veg:

Pollybell will be the main source for Cauliflowers and broccoli this week – we’ve a decent number of both. Not infinite but should be enough to cover the majority of what we need. We may not be able to satisfy huge orders on this though

We’re working on a few things in the background as well – now the online part of things is running a bit more smoothly and we’ve stopped swearing at our blameless computers 50 times a day, we can devote more time to the jobs we’ve had on the backburner. We’re hard at work on a second beer supplier and I don’t think we’ll take too long to get that on – when it’s something you love the motivation comes easy 🙂 it looks promising so far, but I’ll not say any more just now just in case it doesn’t come off for whatever reason. We’re also making our first real forays into the dried fruit and nuts scene. We’ve not really had a great supplier of these before, but we’re doing our best to rectify that. Sean also seems to be hard at work on his holiday as he keeps sending me new potential farms and suppliers through to talk to, which I’m doing my best to ignore. Watch this space!

Oh, also, for you juicers out there, aside from Carey’s Juicing apples available on the list, they currently have enough to do full pallets at a cheaper price again. If you’re interested please do get in touch and we can get you all the details you need

For the new additions, in no particular order:

  • Farringtons have got both washed and unwashed baking potatoes (Valor variety)
  • Royal Oak have added Cavolonero and a limited amount of Cabbice cabbage
  • Newfields have come back on with Spinach and Rainbow Chard
  • New Farm have washed swede
  • Strawberry Fields have added both Sweetcorn and Fennel
  • Carey have added both Falstaff and Jonagold apples, and more options on sizing for several varieties
  • Your best bet for sweet spuds has moved over to Bioalgarrobo (where we got the vast majority from last year – always grand these) not they’ve enough to satisfy our demand again
  • Haciendas have come on with Granny Smith Apples, and the best options for courgettes and cucumbers this week
  • Dynamis have a range of radish (blue meat, green meat, misato, white daikon), White Chasselas and White Muscat Grapes, Asparagus, Romanesco, Basil, Short Cucumbers and the ever wonderful Cherimoya (AKA Custard apple). They’ve also the Red Moon apples pictured
  • And finally, the honey in glass jars from Coato is back in stock

And that’s it for me for now. Have a great week!

Mostyn, Cathryn & the Org. North Team.

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