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Good Afternoon Organic Northerners,

Lordy lordy we are BUSY! After a 4am start, there were 15 withered souls in the warehouse by 5pm yesterday afternoon. Still, better busy and suffering than suffering with nowt to be getting on with, eh.

The general feeling this week is that we are already sensing that some of the UK crops are starting to thin out. Broccoli remains relatively scarce, Bedlam’s running out of squash way earlier than usual and there will only be a couple more weeks of Ward & Thompson most likely too. Newfields have slightly fewer lines to go at and the rough weather is causing our pal, Terry (Simpson) all manner of bother on his small farm over in Ormskirk too.

That said, though not unlimited we still have a fair amount of caulis to go at this week, W&T have some ace lemon chillies available and Royal Oak are back with a limited amount of spuds. Furthermore, despite the dropping temps slowing the growing, Glebelands still have plenty of their local salad available and Burscough have some lovely mooli and red kuri squash available too (ltd).

On the import front it’s pretty interesting this week with a fair few ‘first-time-evers’ on the list. Along with the green satsumas from Lema, mini sweetbite in compostable packs from Haciendas, and Jerusalem artichokes from various places, this week we have oroblanco, chervil root, young ginger and jujubes. Yep, we didn’t know what a jujube was either…a Chinese date apparently. We also have braids of garlic both smoked and unsmoked from Dynamis alongside, chayote, washed ‘taters and long red beets. Cheap courgettes are hard to come by just now so you’ll do well to bag any of these this week unless we hear otherwise from our suppliers but there’s a few bargains to be had if you have a good look through the list…Lema’s kiwis being one of them.

Up top you’ll see featured two more of the recent farm vids that our Ajay made on a recent trip up North. He visited two of our fave dairy suppliers, Acorn Dairy and Teesdale Cheesemakers who produce our kefir with Acorn’s milk. Acorn for us are about as good as dairy gets, they were recently recognised by The Soil Association as the best organic dairy in the UK and a couple of years ago, they were also recognised by Food Awards England for being the country’s ‘best dairy supplier’ too. They are an absolute joy to work with and we feel very privileged to have access to their fab, shorthorn-cross milk, cream and butter.

As for Teesdale, these guys have being farming on the same farm now for 5 generations and their gut-friendly kefir now has some VERY loyal followers. I’ll stop wittering on and hope that you enjoy the vids : )

To lockdown and beyond!

Sean, Mo, Kate & the Org. North Team

*Cathryn’s on holiday this week which you can read as working from home as she never stops. We’re sure she’ll squeeze in a few hrs of downtime and she very much deserves a break but we’re also kinda glad that her off switch is broken as we would be goosed without her!

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