(Woodbridge, Suffolk)



East Suffolk Produce was set up in 2013 to assist its members to capitalise on marketing opportunities and sell their potatoes to a wider section of the market than they could achieve independently. The two original members have been joined by other local growers, and East Suffolk Produce now has seven participants, including Organic North suppliers James Foskett Farms and Home Farm Nacton.

The co-operative oversees the growing of some 70,000 tonnes of potatoes of which around 3,000 are organic. Its location on the mild East Suffolk coast is ideal to produce early organic potatoes, which are supplied to Organic North from the start of the potato growing calendar in June. Other varieties are grown throughout the season with the ability to store potatoes year-round.

East Suffolk Produce currently consists of a team of five full time staff members, covering ware sales, logistics, seed sales, agronomy, field/store sampling and accounts. The organisation is also registered with SEDEX, Organic Farmers and Growers and GS1, which is a globalised system for traceability.