(Doñana National Park, Spain)



Flor de Doñana Bioorganic is in the Doñana National Park in Spain – one of the biggest in Europe. The company is based in Almonte near Huelva and was set up in the late 1990s by Juan María Rodríguez who was passionate about growing organic berries in the local area.

It is made up of young and dynamic people who combine traditional wisdom with scientific knowledge seeking a 100% ecological cultivation through environmental, economic and social sustainability. Conservation is at the heart of everything they do from minimising the use of water to working to remove plastic from packaging and growing. Organic North now supply their berries in Cardboard punnets.

Flor de Doñana Biorganic uses local workers and is more than 50% female throughout all departments. It promotes the establishment of fair relations between workers, as well as throughout the value chain.