(North Yorkshire)


Chard, Coriander, Kohl Rabi, Little Gem Lettuce, Mixed Leaves, Pak Choi, Rocket, Spinach

Goodness Growing was founded eleven years ago by former primary school teacher Caroline Barugh. Caroline owned an allotment and realised how much satisfaction there was to be had in growing her own vegetables and made it her life`s mission to set up an organic operation. She now owns seven acres at Goodness Organic Farm near York and produces a range of salads and vegetables as well as breeding alpacas; these are great for providing natural fertiliser for the soil, but Caroline also sells the fleeces and uses the animals for an alpaca walking experience.

The soil at Goodness Farm is sandy meaning it drains well and is never water-logged, but it does require careful monitoring for adequate moisture in the summer. A range of vegetables are grown outdoors including WHAT? These are delivered locally in veg bags, along with a range of organic fruit sourced from the best organic suppliers.

Vegetables are grown in polytunnels throughout the year including over winter, ensuring a good early crop. The young alpacas are brought in to the polytunnels to be weaned in December. They are turned out in February and their dung is dug into the soil leaving a fertile bed for the early crop of pak choi and chard; lettuce, mixed leaves, rocket, red lettuce heads and herbs are grown in another polytunnel to be picked as needed. All the produce is harvested on the day of delivery ensuring it reaches customers as fresh as possible.

Everything is grown naturally, with green manures such as clover being sewn to put nitrogen back into the soil. Crops are rotated to avoid disease and flowers are planted among the vegetables to encourage insects and butterflies.

Caroline loves the taste of her produce and likes growing by going back to basics. She always picks fresh on the day of delivery to Organic North.