(Boston, Lincolnshire)


Brocolli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celeriac, Potato, Spring Greens, Swede

Will Edwards and his family have been farming at New Farm in the fertile Lincolnshire Fens since the 1700`s. Originally, conventional methods were used to produce the extensive range of crops grown here. However, when Will’s father began experiencing health problems after the annual crop spraying, such as headaches and other debilitating side effects, it prompted Will`s mother to investigate alternative, less chemically based ways of growing food.

That led to a journey which has seen the farm transform over the past thirty years into a fully organic operation, growing a range of vegetables including cabbage, celeriac, potatoes and swede and employing four full time staff and up to 20 casuals as needed across the year.

Will is passionate about natural, chemical free production; he admits there are challenges, as organic farmers cannot rely on an armoury of pesticides but is adamant the extra work pays dividends for customers. He believes the taste of organic fruit and vegetables is enhanced because the crops take longer to mature in the field, allowing the flavour to develop more fully.

Once the crops are harvested, they are taken immediately to New Farm`s state of the art chiller, which maintains a steady two degrees irrespective of outside temperatures, where they are washed and trimmed ready for despatch.